Custom Partial Plans starting as low as $200!^
The All You Can HEAT Partial Plan is completely customizable, exactly the way you want it! Just pick any 10 to 20 HEAT home games! This partial plan offers you the flexibility you need to tailor to your budget and schedule, in addition to giving you a substantial discount - up to $315 per plan!+


*Lower level seating available
$20 a game

Nov 01 Sacramento Kings*
Nov 12 Utah Jazz*
Nov 15 Atlanta Hawks*
Nov 17 Milwaukee Bucks*
Nov 28 Boston Celtics*
Dec 12 Washington Wizards*
Dec 14 Indiana Pacers*
Dec 20 Orlando Magic*
Jan 17 Houston Rockets*
Jan 30 Brooklyn Nets*

Feb 01 Atlanta Hawks*
Feb 13 Orlando Magic*
Mar 01 Philadelphia 76ers*
Mar 08 Charlotte Hornets*
Mar 15 New Orleans Pelicans*
Mar 17 Minnesota Timberwolves*
Mar 19 Portland Trail Blazers*
Mar 21 Phoenix Suns*
Apr 02 Denver Nuggets*
Apr 12 Washington Wizards*


$25 a game

Oct 30 San Antonio Spurs
Dec 18 Boston Celtics
Jan 19 Dallas Mavericks
Jan 21 Milwaukee Bucks

Jan 28 Detroit Pistons
Feb 04 Philadelphia 76ers
Feb 25 Indiana Pacers
Mar 23 Toronto Raptors


$45 a game

Oct 28 Charlotte Hornets
Nov 26 Memphis Grizzlies
Dec 06 New York Knicks

Dec 16 Los Angeles Clippers
Dec 22 Los Angeles Lakers
Mar 11 Toronto Raptors


$55 a game

Dec 27 Oklahoma City Thunder
Jan 01 Detroit Pistons

Mar 31 New York Knicks


$115 a game

Nov 10 Chicago Bulls
Jan 23 Golden State Warriors

Mar 04 Cleveland Cavaliers
Apr 10 Cleveland Cavaliers

If you have any questions or would like to be contacted by a ticket representative, please complete the form below, or call us at 786-777-HOOP (4667).

^Price reflects a selection of 10 “Hot” games with 400 level seating, and does not include the one-time order processing fee.
*Lower Level seating starts as low as $75 per game and is not available for all games. All tickets are subject to change. The Miami HEAT reserves the right to stop offering or alter this ticket package at any time without prior notice.
+ Price reflects 400 level seating. Maximum savings are based on purchasing a 20-game Partial Plan with 400 level seating only, as compared to purchasing individual game tickets for the same games in similar locations. Actual savings will vary depending on games and seats in your All You Can HEAT Partial Plan. Savings is based on individual game prices for the 2016-17 season as of Thursday, August 11, 2016. Individual game prices will fluctuate in response to market conditions and are not intended to discriminate against purchasers.
The Miami HEAT reserves the right to stop offering or alter this ticket package at any time without prior notice. NBA and NBA member team trademarks, logos, identifications statistics and game action photographs, video and audio are the exclusive property of NBA Properties, Inc. and the member teams and may not be used without the prior written consent of NBA Properties, Inc. © 2016 NBA Properties, Inc. All rights reserved.